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12 Weeks to gain the things most only dream of. Are you ready to become an equal to a Greek god?


Are you a beginner wanting to follow your dreams and become the greatest hero of all time? But... do you have a lot of catching up to do first?


Have you been gifted with the ability to sense the Force? or are you just part of the Resistance wanting to help save the universe?

King of The Pirates

Are you a Rubber Man? Do you want to be strong and flexible? Get ready to take to the sea to find a treasure greater than all others.

Saiyan Armor

You don't have to scream your lungs out to have a power level over 9000. But, if you're trying to become a Super Saiyan this is the path for you.

One Punch

Push ups, Sit ups, Squats... Then I run.
This embodies that sentiment while being a little different and a bit safer than that. Don't worry, you'll still onl ever need one punch.

The Speed Force

Unfortunately, I can't douse you in chemicals, strike you with lightning that may or may not have been yourself from the future, and make you faster than the speed of light. But, this program will make you faster.

The Amazon

Strong and beautiful. Don't worry about needing a man for anything after this.

Coming Soon

The Super Spy

Do you want to be one of the best spies in the world? Able to handle the Hulk? I hope you know where to get a spandex black singlet. You'll need one after this.

Coming Soon

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