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Introducing our most intensive program for women: Half Woman/Half Wonder. This program is specifically designed to sculpt and tone your body, while also focusing on strengthening, improving power, and endurance. By the end of this program, you will have the physical strength and fitness levels to conquer an obstacle course race or even run a half marathon. With a combination of high-intensity workouts, strength training, and endurance exercises, Half Woman/Half Wonder will transform your body and fitness level, allowing you to achieve your fitness goals and push past your limits. Join us and unleash the wonder within you.

Half Woman/Half Wonder

SKU: 000010
  • Programs are delivered via the MyPTHub app. A smartphone or tablet is required to access each of our programs. 

  • This service is provided via the MyPTHub App. No refunds will be provided as once the service is purchased access is granted for the duration of the workout program. Programs may be altered or updated to keep with our expanding standards of exercise program delivery with little or no warning. 

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