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Day 6

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

8AM - energy levels are holding strong. 12 hours into the fast. I spent a little extra time in bed.


9AM - noon - focus and energy are up. Time to get up and get my workout done.


1PM-4PM - My energy and focus stayed steady. My daily tea really helped. I got a lot done. My energy surprisingly stayed up through my workout. I am starving at this point.


5PM-7:30PM - The last stretch, has remained the hardest. This has been where my mental capacity, energy, and mood are at their lowest levels. I'm just starving and ready for food.


7:30PM- FINALLY FOOD! Today's meal: Lasagna & Garlic Toast☺ Today I was fully ready for the food and ate it all with ease.


1= Can't...go...on 10= LET'S GOOOO!

Energy: 8 Strength: 6.5 Stamina: 6 Focus: 6


1= Just ate about as much food as The Flash

10= Crawling to the kitchen


Hunger: 8


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