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Day 5

8AM - energy levels are normal. 12 hours into the fast. It's time to workout, today's workout is big and will require a good bit of energy.


9AM - noon - focus and energy stayed average, my workout went well, I waa able to continuouslymove at full speed. The lack of glycogen should've presented as a problem by now but I'm not finding that to be the case.


1PM-4PM - My energy and focus stayed at normal levels. I drank a cup of black tea to bolster some resistance to the energy deficit and definitely reaped the rewards.


5PM-7:30PM - The last stretch, has remained the hardest, today wasn'tas hard. This has been, and remains to be where my mental capacity, energy, and mood are at their lowest levels. My level of hangry has been relatively low. It's surprising to ne because I'm typically one to get hangry. My body seems to have begun adapting to this new process. From what I can tell a large portion of nutrients are being absorbed.


7:30PM- I actually found myself not dying for food, but definitely ready for it. Having eaten now, however, I wish I had a lot more. Today's meal: Chicken strips, salmon, fries, and 2 cups of milk☺


1= Can't...go...on 10= LET'S GOOOO!

Energy: 5

Strength: 7

Stamina: 7

Focus: 7


1= Just ate about as much food as The Flash

10= Crawling to the kitchen


Hunger: 7 Want to know more about intermittent fasting? Contact Us Want to find out how to up your training and become a superhero? Check out our coaching packages

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