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Campaign is a fun, affordable alternative to personal training. It is a 2 month limited equipment workout program that is built to be a fight to save an entire universe, get you burning calories, and building muscle. 

What you get for $18/week*!

3 Expertly crafted workouts per week 

9 Self-paced recovery workouts 

6 Nutrition coaching sessions

2 Individual nutrition coaching sessions

4 Group nutrition coaching sessions (Follow along meal prepping will be the topic of these group sessions)

Stronger and leaner!

The fun of an RPG!

*Charged at $160 + tax.

Five people total in each live group session. Player's will pick their character and weapon from a list of options, roll for their base stats and attack power and give themselves a great name! From here, you are the character. To move through the stage you will be tasked with whatever movement is necessary! You're completion of the workouts will build your characters strength's and attack the monsters and villains each week. Don't get lazy though! Your groups Hit Points (HP) will remain the same every week. And the Monster's get stronger!

What you'll need!

1 Set of resistance bands (see what we recommend here)

- a place to anchor them (sturdy doors or bed frames work!)

1 Moderately heavy dumbbell (heavy enough for 15 reps to be a challenge)

1 Towel

1 Yoga mat (if you want)

Enough floor space for you to lay on the floor with your arms and legs out to your sides

How It Works

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