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Graphic Strength Hero Training Protocol

The Graphic Strength Hero Training Protocol includes everything the Rookie Hero Training has to offer plus a superhero based* training regimen. This is 44 weeks active weeks of fitness and nutrition coaching with 8 weeks of recovery spread throughout the program.

20-week Graphic Strength Program is designed specifically for you to build a lean, strong body. This will flow into the 12-week superhero program of your choice which customized for you. Lastly, we will finish up with your choice of 8 week intensive program. Will you choose to have polish off the abs we develop, will you build the booty or will the arms be your choice? Approximately three (3) - four (4) workouts per week are live and fully coached, with one to three workouts for you to accomplish on your own time. For this, you're going to want to sign up soon! Click here!

Check out the Sidekick Training Initiative here.

Or the Rookie Hero Training System here.

*You will have a few hero programs to choose from once you've signed up for this level of training. For the list of available heroes to train like please check out our Super Hero Training page.

52-week training system including:

  • Graphic Strength Hero Training Protocol

  • 12-week Superhero Program*

  • Choice 8-week program:

    • Ass & Abs

    • Cosmic Core

    • Graphic Strength Lite

  • 8-week Recovery Program**

  • Nutrition Coaching

*Nutrition coaching is not a meal plan*

Nutrition coaching includes:

  • Recipes

  • Tips & tricks to staying on track

  • Sample diets for trying at your discretion

  • Debunking dietary myths 

  • Guidance on how to get through the supermarket

  • Guidance on the latest diets

  • Macro calculation and explanation of these numbers may help you reach your goals


  • 3-4x weekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions

  • N.D.Y. Training Gear

  • Virtual Meal Prep Classes with shopping lists

  • Opportunity to run through one of my personal workouts with me

1 Payment of $4000 or 8 Installments of $500

What you get:

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