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Sidekick Training Initiative 

Make some pretty big changes over the course of 8 weeks. The Sidekick Training Initiative is for the everyday person wanting to kickstart their fitness and go beyond anything they've done in the past. With this level of  fitness and nutrition coaching you get 8 weeks of programming, personalized for you. 2 workouts per week live and coached. 3 workouts for you to do on your own time. There are limited spots available so you're going to want to sign up soon! Click here!

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And the Graphic Strength Hero Training Protocol here.

What you get:

  • Choice base 8-week program:

    • Ass & Abs (Focus on your butt and gut)

    • Cosmic Core (Only care about a lean, strong core?)

    • Graphic Strength (For those who want to max out their strength and look good doing it.)

  • 2-week Recovery Program**

  • Nutrition Coaching

*Nutrition coaching is not a meal plan*

Nutrition coaching includes:

  • Recipes

  • Tips & tricks to staying on track

  • Sample diets for trying at your discretion

  • Debunking dietary myths 

  • Guidance on how to get through the supermarket

  • Guidance on the latest diets

  • Macro calculation and explanation of these numbers may help you reach your goals


  • 2x weekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions

  • 3x weekly self-paced workouts

1 Payment of $800 or 3 Installments of $300

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